Closer and Closer

Hey everybody! Josh Kuhl here, just dropping in an update about my new record and how it’s coming along. I ran through a rehearsal of the batch of songs I’ve written for the record last night, and I feel really excited about this. The good thing about running through these songs with just my acoustic is the fact that when I do go to record, it allows the songs to kind of take on tones on their own. Sometimes it simply stays just solo acoustic, as seen in Cleansing Tides, but in other instances it becomes experimental and different. I have a feeling this record will be a mixture of the two, but I can’t guarantee that nor pressure myself into making such a release. It has to come out organically, and I’m excited for that. 

So, please bear with me here as try to let this collection of songs grow and incubate a bit before I reveal them to you. My plans are that I’ll start recording within the month. I can say that there are some nice airy songs for you to listen and chill out to, and some others that build up and explode, and others, well, I can’t really explain them yet. So keep on keeping on, or something, and in the meantime listen to my last record! Thank you for the tremendous support. You’re all amazing.


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